Chessvis can make you a better chess player

Puzzle visualization, opening preparation, blindfold play and other unique visualization tools

Tactic & Mate Puzzles

The Chessvis puzzle collection starts with the over 1.6 million categorized and rated puzzles from Lichess and adds several unique features including:

Category and Rating Control

Chessvis lets you set both the category and rating of the puzzles you’re challenged with. Want to try easy forks one day and hard multiple move mates the next? Do it! You’ll never be forced to only do puzzles around some hypothetical rating you’ve “earned”. The entire puzzle collection is always available for you.

Visualized Puzzles

A unique feature of Chessvis is the "Visualized" puzzle. It presents a puzzle showing the diagram from some number of moves before the actual tactic sequence starts. You're told the number of moves to "visualize" and then solve the problem from a board position that only exists in your mind. This is what got Chessvis started and it’s the only app with it.

Other Puzzle Collection Features

The “no repeat pledge” - with such an extensive puzzle collection, Chessvis is able to make sure you don’t see the same puzzle twice. Want to focus on solving puzzles quickly? Turn on the timer. Going to be away from the internet? Pull two thousand puzzles down to your device and work off-line. See your puzzle history. Download the puzzles you’ve done. Graph the results. Compare with others. All that is in Chessvis.


Opening Preparation in the palm of your hand!


Access the world's largest opening database of more than 500 million Lichess games and 4 million master games. Unique to Chessvis, is the inclusion of games from highest rated players all the way down to the lowest rated. Why? What's the point of studying moves you'll never see?


Create, management, view and import repertoires. Then practice those repertoires against the computer as though you’re getting ready for a game.

Play Against the Game Collection

Many websites and apps let you play against a computer chess engine but Chessvis lets you play the opening moves against what you'll see in real games.
By tailoring the game collection to match your playing strength and type of game, Chessvis will take on the role of your opponent and play moves from that filtered game collection.

Blindfold Chess

Play against the computer with "stepping stones" to help you ease your way into blindfold chess.

  • Start with all pieces sharing one color then go to two color disks, one shared color disk and then eventually an empty board.
  • Reveal the board every # of moves to check on your visualization.
  • Set the engine difficultly from simple to too hard for Magnus

Looking for a blindfold chess game where you can speak your moves and hear the opponent's? Check out my other app - Verbal Chess on Android.

Visualization Tools

Chessvis started as a "visualization" app. (That is the source of the "vis" in the name.) Yes it has grown but it has never forgotten the importance of visualization in helping a player get better.

  • Move Following - Track a sequence of moves and then update the board to that point. Follow a game from the beginning, some random location within a game or specify the number of pieces you want to follow.
  • Who’s Guarding Whom - A deceptively simple visualization exercise that forces you to mentally track piece movements and how they interact. (No other app has this.)
  • Static Boards - What could be simpler than this? You look at and memorize a board layout, then recreate it. Start off easy with just a few pieces and work your way up.

Analyze Your Games

Explore your own games.

  • Automated download from Lichess and
  • Find what's working (or not) as white or black
  • Explore top players too. See what Magnus is playing


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